Meet Nuran, Reader 000!

We are excited to feature our first ever interview on the Blood, Ink & Fire blog,
where readers unite to keep books alive.

Without further ado, it’s time to reveal the identity of Reader 000!

Meet Nuran, a reader living in Egypt who makes it her mission to keep books alive every day. 

BIF: Your Instagram name is “I Stand For Books.” What does the name mean to you and how did you choose it?

N: I always had this username as my Twitter [handle]. (I wanted it to be istanforbooks but it was taken and “stand” came from there. I liked it and used it ever since.) As for my Instagram username @IStandForBooks, well, I chose it to emphasize what I will always stand for. Anyone that is against books will have to go through me! *I'll protect you my babies!*

BIF: Tell us about something you do personally to keep books alive.

N: To keep books alive I post pictures to communicate with people with the same love for them. I choose a TBR for every month that I try to stick to so I can read every day of every month of every year!



BIF: What would your life be like without books?

N: My life without books would be boring! I honestly can't think about the person I would have become if not for books. My life would be empty.

BIF: Tell us something about reading or being a reader in Egypt we might not know.

N: Well, the thing about being a reader in Egypt is that it's really hard to find new releases or books in general. There aren’t a lot of up to date bookstores, so you have to order online, and sadly book depository doesn't ship here… But Egypt's bookworms are the best. ;)



BIF: Are there many bookstores in Egypt that sell YA books? Are books available in many translations? 

N: There aren’t a lot, no. There are like four main bookstores and one online bookstore, but three of them have a lot of branches across Cairo and also Alexandria. And books are in English...some bestsellers are translated into Arabic, though. 

BIF: What is your favorite type of book to read and why?

N: My favorite genres are YA dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy. I just love fiction so much and those genres give me the escape from reality I need—they're so compelling! 

BIF: Are YA books popular in Egypt?

N: Not quite. Egyptian bookworm guys like mysteries, thrillers, etc., and girls like romance or NA. But people who like YA exist, haha!

BIF: Is reading a popular pastime in Egypt?

N: Yes reading is very popular especially Arabic books. English books come second. But YA is not as popular as [books that have been turned into movies] or bestsellers.

BIF: How did you get into reading YA?

N: Harry Potter and Twilight got me into YA with all the different worlds and since then I've read a lot of YA like The Hunger Games, Cinder...etc. It’s by far my favorite genre.



BIF: Do many of your friends in Egypt love books like you do?

N: Yeah! I'm only friends with people who read, haha! My closest  friends all read and most of them enjoy YA too.



BIF:  What drew you to want to become part of The Hundred and Ashley’s journey writing Blood, Ink & Fire?

N: I found Ashley through Instagram! Her photos are great and I thought it'd be spectacular to be a part of something that focuses on the everlasting love for books!

BIF: If all of the books in the world were being burned and you could only save one, which one would you save and why?

N: That's a trick question…you just gave me a mini heart attack! I'm panicking! I guess I'll have to go with Isla and The Happily Ever After because Stephanie Perkins is great. I related to Isla so much and it's a light, fun story that will make up for the burning books part (not really, though).



BIF: In Blood, Ink & Fire characters in each Sovereign pursue different strategies for surviving in a world without books, controlled by Fell. What strategy would you choose: stoicism, prudence, peace, retribution, violence, knowledge, pleasure, or remembrance?

N: Retribution, pleasure or remembrance!

BIF: Who do you think would play Noelle in a movie adaptation of Blood, Ink & Fire?

N: Holland Roden or Lilly Collins.

Holland Roden

Holland Roden

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

BIF: Who was your favorite character from the book? Why did you like him/her?

N: Noelle. She's a great protagonist and a fighter for words!

BIF: What are you currently reading?

N: The Retribution of Mara Dyer. It's a great conclusion to a wonderful trilogy!



BIF: What book are you starting next?

N: I'm starting The Perks of Being a Wallflower next (the feels) and also Scarlet, book 2 of Cinder!

BIF: If you could leave a message warning the future generations about the importance of keeping books alive, what would you say?

N: READ MORE BOOKS! And keep them alive. They're a time travelling machine; they can retell the past and show you the future and take you places you never imagined!

Thank you for talking with us, Nuran! Your dedication to reading and keeping books alive is truly inspiring!

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