This is it… the world of Blood Ink & Fire has grown to over 100k words! We are speechless… almost.

Here’s our biggest reveal yet:

100 words to celebrate Ashley’s 100,000th word milestone!

‘Silence! You must listen to me now,’ she says turning to me and only me. ‘Without the reader, none of this matters, my dear. Because what good are the Volumes, without someone to guide us through their pages? What good are the words, if no one can read them? The books need the reader, as much as the reader needs the books. One just isn’t complete without the other.’

I know she is right, and that there is forgiveness in what she says. I throw my arms around her, this incredible Riser, so strong and wise. I thank her silently for being what I don’t yet know how to be.
— Blood, Ink & Fire

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