Welcome book lovers!

Thanks for stopping by the brand new website for my YA novel, Blood, Ink & Fire!

Blood, Ink & Fire was born out of:

  1.  A life-long passion for books as material objects
  2.  A love of great stories
  3. The thought of a future without them

The world and characters of BIF have lived with me for a Very. Long. Time. Despite my best efforts to write “other things,” I just couldn’t keep this story from being told.

Now I’m on my way to finishing it, dedicating my nights and weekends for the foreseeable future to all 100,000+ words of BIF.

(Apologies in advance to my family, friends, and to my Future Self, who will be deprived of sleep and a satisfactory social existence. Just kidding. I vow to never apologize to my Future Self since, truthfully, she’s forgotten my plight and already moved on to writing book number two. Honestly, though, some people in the future!)

I’m gearing up to have BIF complete THIS YEAR! Stick with me, because for every 10,000 words I put down, I’ll reveal an exciting sneak peek of the world and characters of BIF.

Also, with the help of my BIF power team, I’ll be hosting monthly giveaways! Expect specially-themed care packages to feed your book-loving souls, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)

When I finally reach “The End” there will be exciting stuff to share as I do my darnedest to get BIF into readers’ hands everywhere.

Until then, let’s hang out, read some good books, and connect over social media. If you haven’t found me yet, I’d love to meet you on the platform of your choosing:

Oh, and if you fancy joining something really alluring, click over to The Hundred: an exclusive reader group for BIF! (Sounds awesome right?)

Thanks to everyone who has been following my writing journey on social media so far. Your support has been incredible!

From one book lover to another,