The First Reader Missions for Members of The Hundred are Live!

Dear members of The Hundred, 

Your first reader missions are now live. We’ve designed these missions with your hobbies and passions in mind and we think you’re going to love them. Plus, with every mission you complete, you’ll be entered into our drawings to win awesome, bookish prizes created just for you!

What’s our mission? Get Blood, Ink & Fire into the hands of readers everywhere when it’s ready.

That’s why we’re calling on radical readers, tweeting bibliophiles, booktube stars and beautiful bookworms among The Hundred to help spread the word about Blood, Ink & Fire!

Log in to our exclusive Hundred portal to access them. You can find your secret access code in your email inbox. 

Remember, you can complete as many missions as you’d like. We’ll be releasing new missions every few weeks—watch your inbox and social feeds for details! 

Thank you for helping us keep books alive, 

Ashley and Jess for Blood, Ink & Fire